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Upcoming projects 

God is at work!  We will continue to look to Him for all things!  In His Timing and His Way!

San Miguel: We are so excited that God has provided the funds to build the school at San Miguel!  We will be celebrating its completion in July 2024.  They are already starting to use the building.

El Limon: Fix kinder roof and clean out existing room 

Las Medias: Bathrooms, several school buildings including roofs, painting, and relocating classroom

Miramar: God is at work and we are waiting on His timeing and provisions for building a completely new building.

Training Center in Cabanas:  Continue to support repairs and renovations as center opens

Feeding Program:  God is calling us to start a feeding program in the schools.  He is already putting all the right people in place and we are not waiting on His timing for those who are being called to support the program financially at each of the schools..  

school suppliesT.jpeg

In February 2024, we will be delivering school supplies to children and teachers in the villages where PEH serves and builds relationships.  We anticipate distributing 40 Teacher Bags, 120 Kinder Bags, and 665 Upper Grade Bags.

School Supply Distribution

San Miguel

The children in San Miguel are currently learning in a small room that has been built onto the home of the teacher.  The number of children has increased tremendously, and the room is not big enough.  In addition, the lighting is not good, and, the Kinder children are meeting on the front porch.  They need a building that is safe and conducive to learning.  God has been at work and brought together PEH and the Mayor of Cabanas, as well as the community for a building to be built.  In October, we prayed over the land that has been given for the school.  We also prayed over the project and for God's guidance and provisions to complete the school by February, the start of the 2024 school year.

Future Site for the School in San Miguel

Repairs and VBS in
El Limon and Las Medias

At El Limon, we will be making repairs to the Kinder building - specifically putting in windows and painting.  In Las Medias, there is extensive work to be done, including the repair of bathrooms.

Building that needs repairs at El Limon

One of the buildings at Las Medias that needs repairs.


One of the bathrooms that needs repairs at Las Medias.

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